Bosch VS Flymo: Does Bosch Hedge Trimmer Beat All? See Which Is The Best Hedge Trimmer For You (My Review).

“Bosch“ – by far the most effective and reliable electrical product and DIY company out there!

But now there’s someone else trying to carve his way into the big boy gang – and that is where Flymo comes into things!

Let us look at a side by side comparison of both Bosch and Flymo’s electric hedge trimmers.

1. Bosch VS Flymo: Voltage Power

We all know the best hedge trimmers with the least vibrations and the more long lasting ones always have the most power…or sufficient power to leave a neat finish on your garden landscape.

Well, when it comes to voltage power, the Flymos hedge trimmer wins over Bosch with a voltage power of 450W. The Bosch AHS 45 16 has a voltage power of 420W!

2. Bosch VS Flymo: Blade Length

When we don’t have access to an extended pole hedge trimmer like the VonHaus electric hedge trimmer, we at least need a decent blade length…

In this case both the Bosch hedge trimmer and Flymo hedge trimmer are at a draw with a blade length of 45cm!

That is long enough to at least reach those branches/stalks that make all the difference to your garden landscape!

3. Bosch VS Flymo: Tooth Opening/Blade Gap

Amongst our precious gardening tools, the most cherished hedge trimmers are those with tooth openings wide enough to cut a bigger size variety of branches…

That would of course mean: the wider the gap, the better the hedge trimmer!
flymo hedge trimmer

Well, Flymo wins again with this, with a 19mm blade gap, whereas the Bosch hedge trimmer has 16mm blade gap…

it doesn’t seem like a significant difference, but I’m sure my fellow gardeners know all the difference those 3mm make!

4. Bosch VS Flymo: Which One is Lighter??

We have all experienced the dreadfulness of achy muscles the morning after working with the WORLD’S HEAVIEST GARDENING TOOLS!

Gardening product companies are now evolving lightweight tools for this very reason…

Get more work done with much little difficulty (I do love the sound of productivity!).

As you would expect, the Bosch hedge trimmer wins in this one, being one of the most lightweight hedge trimmers you will find in the market – weighing just over 2 bags of sugar:

or – in human terms – roughly 2.5Kg!

The Flymo hedge trimmer, on the other hand, weighs over a Kg more than the Bosch, at 3.7Kg.

5. Bosch VS Flymo: Cord Length

Before I address the cord length, let me just say that both hedge trimmers are unfortunately corded.

the advantage to this is that unlike cordless grass trimmers, the Flymo and Bosch hedge trimmers are not dependent on battery life, and so can be used for as long as you like, without having to recharge!

Typical cordless hedge trimmers only last for about 45 minutes, or if you’re lucky, just under an hour.

Let’s get back to the cord length’s then!
Well although I don’t own my own Flymo hedge trimmer… word of mouth says its unique 10 metre cord is PERFECT for big hedges, big gardens and avoiding tripping over!

I can say for certain the Bosch hedge trimmer is no match for the Flymo in terms of cord length!

I guess it’s worth pointing out that there has been a lot of mention about the Bosch hedge trimmer’s unusually short cable length (*thumbs down*).

6. Bosch VS Flymo: Ergonomics
In terms of ergonomics…

I personally believe the Flymo hedge cutter wins, although the Bosch hedge trimmer is only tiny baby steps away.

The only visible ergonomic feature that truly makes the Bosch AHS 45 16 hedge trimmer comfortable is the soft grip handle…

which in all honesty is a typical feature of anything as hardy as a hedge trimmer.

What the Bosch is missing…

is a central handle – one similar to the central handle present on the Flymo hedge trimmer.

This feature truly makes a more pleasant experience in the handling of the hedge trimmer and gives you more control over its manoeuvring.

This surely compensates for the heavier weight of the Flymo hedge trimmer!

What’s the Verdict??
Overall, Flymo isn’t as well known as the Bosch hedge trimmer…

but it has proven to be a better choice over Bosch in some very important aspects of the gardening tool world, e.g.

overcoming 7ft tall hedges
being able to go all the way down to the bottom of the garden without tripping over the cord.

the Bosch hedge trimmer isn’t the #1 best selling hedge trimmer on the market for no reason..

It still shows to have:

immense power
increased reliability over the Flymo (this might just be because Flymo is not as well known).
to answer the initial question: “Does Bosch Beat All?” –

I would say no.
Bosch is a very reliable company…

However if you want your money’s worth, I suggest looking around a little more

Sometimes less known brands have better products at a much nicer price!
This comparison certainly helped me realise which hedge trimmer I’d prefer to keep my garden landscape looking beautiful..

And I hope you feel the same!