Beginner Gardener Advice: 8 Tips to Help You Start the

Hello! Welcome to the first video of my 2021 Spring/Summer garden series! In this video, I share 8 tips for beginner gardeners; tips I wish I had adhered to or thought of when I first got started! Whether you’ve been gardening for a short time or a long time I hope you’ll find something that resonates! Thank you for watching!! ️️

Here’s the intro to my channel if you missed it :

Check out part 1 of my Compost Basics video :

Here’s part 2:

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Time Stamps:
0:00 – Intro
1:20 – my journey with gardening
3:56 – Tip One
4:24 – Tip Two
6:48 – Tip Three
8:41 – Companion Planting
10:35 – Pollinators
11:03 – Tip 4
14:20 – Tip 5
17:18 – Tip 6
18:36 – Tip 7
18:52 – Final Tip (The BEST ONE 🥰)
20:35 – Recap of the 8 tips
20:45 – More to Come and Farewell!
21:33 – Plant Farewell 🙂

Thank you for watching!!!

USDA Hardiness Plant Zones:

Growing Calendar Based on Your State and Location:

Cooperative Extensions (local ag folk who can help you) in your city/state:

26 veggies that grow well in shade:

26 Vegetables That Can Grow In Partial Shade

The Spruce Full sun, Partial shade, etc great explanation:

Amazing Companion Planting chart:

And a nice Visual companion plant counterpart:

Use This Companion Planting Chart to Help Your Garden Thrive

Companion Planting e-book I referenced:

Cool University of Illinois Step by Step beginner Garden Guide

Music: Morning Glory – Remastered by Jamiroquai

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