Patio Plant Tour Update: Tips for Keeping Indoor Plants Outside!

A few weeks ago I took you on a house plant tour of my outdoor patio/porch living area, which I filled with a wide assortment of indoor plants, including monstera, ficus, bird of paradise, and many others. Now that it’s mid-July, I am working on ongoing plant care, plant styling and improving the patio plant assortment as the summer moves forward. In this video, I walk you through my process of plant care and maintenance as well as my thoughts on plant styling over time.


:58 Ficus moclame
1:27 Bird of Paradise (Strelizia nicolai)
2:36 Black Lace Elderberry
3:23 Majesty Palm
3:43 English Ivy
3:52 Syngonium
4:31 Philodendron
5:00 asparagus fern
5:10 Embe Philodendron
6:15 Swedish ivy
7:03 Tiger fern
7:27 Spanish moss
8:15 Stingray Alocasia
8:45 Money Tree (pachira aquatica)
9:12 Pothos
9:38 variegated Syngonium podophyllum
10:14 Pink princess philodendron
10:32 Hoya linearis
11:24 String of pearls
11:57 Prayer plant
12:15 Bird of Paradise
13:00 Lipstick Plant
14:25 Calathea Warscewiczii
14:50 Pilea peperomoides
15:33 Dracena
15:42 Hoya carnosa compacta
17:09 Fiddle Leaf Fig

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