Raised Bed Gardening for Beginners: Summer Vegetable Planting

Raised bed gardening is a fantastic way to boost your crops’ productivity and maximize space. Learn how to plant and trellis tomatoes and eggplants in your summer vegetable garden, plus our best tips on raised bed gardening for beginners and summer vegetable planting and planning.

Join Resh Gala, an urban organic gardener in New Jersey – Zone 6b, as she plants tomatoes and eggplants in her urban raised bed garden.

00:00 Intro to Summer Vegetable Planting & Planning
00:40 The Best Time to Plant Vegetables In Raised Beds
01:52 Easy DIY Raised Bed Garden Tomato Trellises
04:08 How to Transplant Tomatoes in a Raised Bed
08:54 Benefits of Mulching Your Summer Garden
09:27 Supporting Tomato Plants With Tomato Cages
10:38 Raised Bed Garden Planning for Beginners
11:19 How to Plant Eggplants in Raised Beds
15:23 Summer Vegetable Garden Watering Tips

Looking for more garden tips? Check out these helpful resources below:
Raised Bed Gardening Blog: https://www.kellogggarden.com/blog/raised-beds/
Best Way To Plant Tomatoes: Tips for New Tomato Growers: https://www.kellogggarden.com/blog/gardening/best-way-to-plant-tomatoes-tips-for-new-tomato-growers/
Growing Eggplant: https://www.kellogggarden.com/blog/growing/growing-eggplant/

Planting a Raised Bed for Beginners: ‍🦋 9 Tips For Raised Bed Garden Planning: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SIuwKQVbbkA

Monthly Organic Gardening Guide: https://www.kellogggarden.com/monthly-organic-gardening-ebook/

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Stay tuned for more videos from Resh. Check out her website to learn even more about her garden, https://www.reshgala.com/.

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