Southern California Organic Vegetable Garden Tour

John from visits the Never Enough Dirt Edible Home Garden in Los Angeles / Southern California.

In this episode, you will get a full tour of this Southern California vegetable garden that grows food year round.

You will learn some of Brian’s gardening philosophies as well as many of the edible plants he grows. You will learn more about animals and how they can be incorporated into your garden.

You will discover many of the common and uncommon plants that grow in his front yard or backyard,

Finally, John will interview Brian, the gardener, to share more about how he grows food as well as some of his gardening techniques as well as his the most important tip he would like to leave each one of you with.

Jump to the following parts of the Episode:
01:27 Tour of Front Yard Starts Edibles mixed with Ornamentals
03:15 Use Your Leafy Greens by making chips, juices or smoothies
04:07 Support me and Buy a GYG Tee Shirt
04:45 Amazing Basil Shrub
06:09 Under growing Moringa
08:02 Saving Seeds One of the Most Important Actions You Can Take
08:35 Camouflaged Fruit
09:23 Backyard Garden Tour Starts
09:30 Hodge-Podge Over-run Garden Area
10:25 Unbroken down composting
10:55 Trellis built from Weaving branches together
12:20 Growing in a Recycling Bin
13:12 Heirloom
13:30 Easy to Build $79 Raised Bed
14:19 Growing Food for Your Turtle in the Enclosure
14:30 Buy a Bigger Greenhouse
14:50 Keeping Ducks
15:30 Planting Tomatoes in September
16:30 Easy Way to Make a Raised Bed out of scrap tree branches
17:20 Chinese Chives Lawn Border
17:55 Green Tree Collards
18:11 How Brian Handles Bug Damage
19:20 Lots of Cauliflower Leaves to Eat!
20:03 Traditional Raised Bed
20:23 Making a Trellis out of fence boards without screws or nails.
21:20 Growing Gourds up the phone wire
21:38 Growing Ginger and Tumeric in a Pot
22:19 Rare Fuzzy Leaf Basil
23:22 Interview with Brian –
23:40 Why do you grow edible vegetables and fruits on your property?
25:09 Why is it important as a stay-home dad to teach your kids about gardening?
26:39 What are three rare varieties that you are growing in your garden?
27:53 What are your fertility practices?
31:45 What are your thoughts about spraying organic pesticides?
33:10 Why did you stop using Miracle Grow and Start Growing naturally Gardening?
34:25 Can you explain how the soil is like a battery?
37:02 Tell me more about your YouTube Channel? Never Enough Dirt
38:45 How can someone find you online?
39:30 Any final words of wisdom for my viewers today?

After watching this episode, you will learn what can grow in the fall in a Southern California / Los Angeles Garden, You will learn many garden tips and even new edible plants you did not know existed.

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